The Rockefeller University Welch Hall Library

The restoration and renovation of the 1929 Welch Hall Library revitalizes it as a center for collaboration and campus life.

The new program for the University Library responds to the changing nature of its collections and their use. The historic main Reading Room is restored. The space includes a new café and group study areas. Consolidation of lower level stacks makes possible the reclaiming of an entire floor with expansive river views for graduate student carrels.

The Great Hall Scientific Commons is modified to accommodate projection and audio systems for scientific presentations, conferences, and meetings. This 220-seat room and several smaller conference and reception areas open directly on to two new gardens and river terraces.

The exterior limestone masonry was cleaned and restored, and new replacement windows were installed. New elevated walkways connect the building to nearby research laboratories. Rooftop mechanical equipment is screened from view. A new glass exterior stair is introduced at the north side of the building. All of these interventions were approved by the New York State Historic Preservation Office.


New York, New York

40,000 gross square feet

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