SUNY College of Optometry Lobby & Center for Student Life & Learning

The SUNY College of Optometry welcomes 70,000 visitors a year to the University Eye Center and provides academic and research space for 400 students and over 100 faculty.

The College of Optometry is a vertical campus on 18 floors of a midtown office building on 42 Street in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The University Eye Center is one of the largest outpatient facilities in the nation. The redesign of the public lobby on 42 Street was the key to creating a welcoming and easy to navigate patient experience. The lobby relies on light colors, bright non-glare lighting, and clear lines of movement to define reception area, information and security desks, elevators, an art gallery, and a through-block pedestrian avenue. The new Center for Student Life and Learning on the second and third floors is an academic and social hub, with lounges, fitness room, game rooms, and conference spaces gathered around a double-height multipurpose Student Commons overlooking Bryant Park. The Methods Lab is a space for student interaction with optometric patients.

New York, New York

10,517 square feet Lobby
14,985 square feet Student Center

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