Smith College 2050 Plan

This plan refocuses the historic campus towards Paradise Pond and identifies a ring of space at the perimeter where new growth will knit together town and gown.

A bowl of space, clearly defined by the topography, was identified as an area within which the campus could expand without losing its inherent qualities and intimate scale. The Central Campus, a treasured collection of buildings and landscapes, is maintained, with small changes to enhance the character, and sense of place. Sites at the edge were identified for the new school of engineering and student housing.

The six-month study included interviews with staff and students; conversations with local and regional planning authorities; studies of history, environmental context, and regional conservation; and development plans. Planning principles and design plan alternatives were developed in continuing discussion with the campus community.

Subsequent planning studies for individual buildings provided a basis for expanding the Fine Arts complex, Performing Arts Center, and student housing.

Northampton, Massachusetts

181 acres

2,826,000 square feet of building area


  • Society for College and University Planning Merit Award

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