Pratt Manhattan Gallery and Academic Center

This project reclaims ground floor commercial space at Pratt’s Manhattan Center to create a welcoming public gallery and lobby space, establishing Pratt as an important civic and cultural presence in this landmarked building. Targeted renovations on upper floors enhance the functioning of Pratt’s Manhattan campus.

A new storefront, complying with NYC Landmark Preservation Commission Guidelines, provides views into the gallery, Pratt’s window into the world of art, architecture, fashion, and design, and invites viewers in.

The gallery includes flexible lighting and partitioning systems to accommodate a wide range of curated shows. Interior glass walls engage students and faculty entering the building in gallery exhibitions. The lobby is designed to welcome visitors to the gallery while maintaining security for academic floors above.
Upper floors include a lecture hall, board room, student lounge, cafe, student services, and specialized facilities including a computer room, gaming lab, and perfumery. Building electrical, lighting, and mechanical systems are upgraded.

New York, NY

23,410 square feet

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