Mount Sinai Derfner-Lieberman Family Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

This design offers a new approach to the patient-doctor experience, encouraging collaboration and interaction.

This suite re-invents the patient experience and integrates the latest technology into every aspect of the doctor-patient interaction. An informal setting with self check-in stations and a roving concierge greets patients entering the suite. The reception area is characterized by flexible seating, natural light, and carefully selected artwork. The ambiance is calm and quiet. A daylit corridor connects to glass-walled treatment rooms and doctors’ consultation offices. Counseling rooms accommodate private discussions. Daylight suffuses the entire space. Skylight ceiling fixtures provide dimmable, shadowless light in treatment rooms. Patterned translucent film on glass walls provides desired levels of privacy. The colors of individual treatment rooms evoke the colors of the sunset sky. Sliding glass doors provide seamless transitions between spaces. Large computer touch screens are wall mounted in each exam room to facilitate collaboration between doctor and patient, providing before and after visuals and on-screen sketching. All administrative functions are housed in a separate area, out of sight from patients. Doctors’ academic offices are modular and ergonomically designed to provide individualized work and lounge space. A telemedicine pod provides video communication with patients and international collaboration with other medicals professionals.

New York, New York

4,500 square feet

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