Long Island Rail Road Entrance Pavilion at Pennsylvania Station

This light-filled tower welcomes 125,000 commuters each day in midtown Manhattan at 34th Street.

The building shelters pedestrian access to the station and accommodates climate control equipment for the entire Long Island Rail Road concourse below. It is comprised of three elements: a brick outer shell, a steel and glass tower, and a marquee suspended by cables from a mast.

The outer shell of brick supports the cooling tower and other components of the mechanical system.

The tower is composed of painted steel-laced columns and struts, similar to those of early train sheds. A clock, salvaged from the original Penn Station, is suspended in the tower. A conceptual clock, Eclipse, by artist Maya Lin, occupies the ceiling of the lower level concourse.

The stainless steel mast and cables support the painted steel and glass marquee, which reaches over the sidewalk of 34th Street. The mast is capped by a radiating light beacon.

Architect of Record: TAMS Consultants, Inc.

New York, New York

2,000 gross square feet


  • AIA National Honor Award for Architecture
  • AIA New York City Award of Excellence
  • AIA New York State Award of Excellence

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