James Monroe High School Campus Annex

One building designed for two schools of 500 students each is added to this larger high school campus.

Each school has its own classrooms, art and science rooms, and administrative offices, and shares the gym, library, music room, and cafeteria. The school entrance faces onto a landscaped plaza. The cafeteria opens onto playing fields.

The massing of the building is fragmented, expressing the individuality of the two high schools and defining the entry plaza. The five-story mass houses the two schools while the gym and the auditorium are independent of this main school block. The placement of the lower-scaled gym and auditorium between the main building and the adjacent Monroe High School reinforces the idea of a school campus and defines the entrance plaza. Patterns of multi colored bricks establish the school identity and link it to other campus buildings.

The Bronx, New York

145,800 gross square feet

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