Columbia University Hamilton Hall

The renovation and restoration of this McKim, Mead, & White building recaptures the clarity of the original design and adds a new glass pavilion entrance on College Walk.

The restoration emphasizes the importance of the historic home of Columbia College. Archival studies identified original elements to reconstruct and restore. The ground floor entrance lobby has new marble floors, replicated lighting fixtures, restored frieze, and two monumental stained glass windows borrowed from another campus building. The Dean’s Office and the Center for the Core Curriculum are new spaces with oak paneling designed in the spirit of McKim, Mead & White.

The 39 classrooms and seminar rooms on upper floors retain their historic presence, with new oak wainscoting and replicated historic furnishings. New elements, including electronic media, lighting, and environmental controls are discreetly incorporated.

The Admissions Office is a modern introduction, with a new accessible glass pavilion entrance opening directly on College Walk. Admissions offices are designed with sliding glass walls that encourage flexible reorganization of the space for a variety of seasonal Admissions office functions.

New York, New York

70,755 gross square feet total

70,500 gross square feet renovation

255 gross square feet addition

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