Avalon Morningside Park Apartments at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

This 20-story apartment building, at the corner of the Cathedral Close of Saint John the Divine, includes 300 apartments, community spaces, and a 150-car garage.

The design of the building relates to both the Cathedral Close and adjoining Morningside Park. The building aligns with the adjacent cathedral buildings, fanning open at the corner to views of the park and the city beyond. Each facet forms a living room corner window. The lower portion of the wall facing onto the Close is intricately detailed masonry relating to surrounding buildings, while upper floors of metal and glass reflect the sky above. The broken grid of windows adds lively detail to the planar wall. A stone retaining wall surrounding the Close extends to conceal the garage. At the street corner, the building lobby opens onto a garden plaza, a quiet sitting space in the daytime and an active illuminated corner at night.

Associate Architect: SLCE Architects

New York, New York

326,000 gross square feet

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