1 May 2020

“She reimagined a surgery center for Ugandan Patients” – Swarthmore Bulletin Spring 2020

Framework For Hope by Cara Ehlenfeldt ’16

Earlier this year, Cara Ehlenfeldt from Swarthmore Bulletin wanted to learn more about Frances Halsband FAIA role and vision for Mount Sinai Kyabirwa Surgical Facility. “We thought we were just building a building,” Halsband says, “but we were actually learning how to simplify a whole architectural process.”

In her article, she quotes Michael Marin, chief surgeon at Mount Sinai Health System, who engaged the firm to realize his hospital project in Uganda.

“The design that Frances created has fit into the community and into the environment so seamlessly, yet it is clearly and unquestionably identifiable as a very special place,” says Marin. “The people who work there feel very grateful and honored to be part of that, to be working there.”

Ehlenfeldt also explores Halsband’s revolutionary spirit and global awareness by discussing her most recent socially conscious initiatives.

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Photo Credit: Laurence Kesterson

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