6 March 2020

March at KHA

10 March at 8:30am – SCUP 2020 North Atlantic Conference in New Haven, CT
Partner Michael A. Nieminen FAIA, will present “Resuscitating Educational Facilities for Innovative Learning and Environmental Stewardship” on transforming buildings that are near the end of their useful lives and adapting them to serve current and future needs. With creative design and programming buildings can be transformed into suitable, thriving, innovative learning environments. Co-speakers, Jason Forney FAIA, Principal at Bruner/Cott Architects, and Thomas Huf, Sr. Program Manager at UMass Amherst.

19 March – Frances Halsband FAIA on Madame Architect
Don’t miss Frances’ interview with Julia Gamolina, Founder and Editorial Director.
“While the seeming lack of women in architecture has been well-documented, women are making waves in all levels of the field. Madame Architect is a platform celebrating women in architecture from different generations, countries, and corners of the industry.” – Madame Architect

March At KHA

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