Harvard University Divinity School Programming and Planning Study

Consolidation of the Divinity School around a new green, renovation of Andover Hall, and design of a new building for study and worship gives new energy and focus to this important institution.

Interviews with faculty, students, and staff provided insight into space needs. Research on building occupancy and physical conditions and examination of campus and neighborhood context revealed strong support for consolidation of scattered campus assets. The plan envisions a group of buildings gathered around a new green forming a focused central quad identified with the School. Recommended renovations to Andover Hall provide modern classrooms and offices; relocate student-centered functions to increase activity at the heart of the campus; consolidate library collections to free space for academic and social functions; and create an accessible connection to the campus green. A new building will house large multipurpose worship space, lecture halls and gathering spaces that cannot be accommodated in current buildings.
Cambridge, Massachusetts

176,395 square feet building area

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