20 April 2016

Construction Update: UMass Amherst South Academic Facility

Construction is progressing quickly on the renovation of the historic 1885 South College building and its 67,000-square-foot new addition on the University of Massachusetts-Amherst campus, slated for completion in December of 2016.

The new “buddy” building is a modern, brick analogue to the historic masonry building. A recessive gray slate will clad the center section of the facade, allowing “breathing room” between old and new. Aluminum-clad wood replacement windows replicate South College’s historic windows.

Roof of the Commons that links new addition and historic building is fully supported by new structural steel trusses and tree columns, putting no extra load on the building. A graduate student Commons on the upper floors provides additional gathering space.

UMass Amherst South College


UMass Amherst South College

UMass Amherst South College Commons

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